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πŸ’€ Player Information
Name: Timmy
Age: 29
Contact: hawkins.virgil at gmail | [ profile] captainkink
Characters In-game: n/a

πŸ’€ Character Information
Name: Loki
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: End of The Dark World, after he takes the throne of Asgard.
Age: Over a thousand years, physically looks around his thirties.

Looks like Tom Hiddleston and Tommy Wiseau decided to hang out and share styling pointers.

Which means Loki is around six feet height. He cuts an imposing figure though he'll never seem like the kind of person who has bulging muscles and a thick set of abs. He tends to favor the lean side, all dark curling hair and sharp green eyes. His cheekbones could cut through marble. And while there's nothing about his outward appearance that suggests a godly relation, there's no mistaking the aura and presence he brings to a room when he walks in.

He also looks great in suits

Physical changes:


Magic: The exact nature of Loki's powers are unclear, though it is called and considered to be magic by the MCU's standards. What he can do with that magic is equally unclear though it is safe to say his primary use of it are illusions. He can easily manipulate what people see on a small or grand scale and these illusions are not easy to perceive. It also has faint telekinetic abilities as well as mental manipulation, but not on the grand scale as it was with the Chitauri scepter.

Superhuman Everything: Loki is far stronger than the average human being, ranking up there with Captain America. While strength is never his preferred weapon, it is still one he can use to its full extent. This also includes enhanced speed, stamina, durability and an improved healing factor. You can knock him down but chances are, he'll get back up pretty quickly.

Immunity to the cold: Due to his half-breed Jotun status, Loki is completely immune to any kind of cold or frost attack.

History: Wiki

Hell Status: Hell Newbie

What Brings Them To Hell:

Loki has it all. At the end of The Dark World, he has won. Loki has subverted his father and taken the throne. Every expectation, every belief about his character, his value, his life changed the minute he sat on the throne. Playing Odin.

Hm. It doesn't seem quite right.

And Loki knows that. He's not content, he never is. For Loki, the world is a battlefield and he must constantly fight for his due. Yes, he won and Thor cannot pry that victory away from him. He tricked all of Asgard with the magic they jeered at him for and yet. And yet, it rankles at Loki because this is still a trickster's victory. It's not legitimate, it's not morally just and fair. And Loki knows, like all magic tricks, there must be a reveal and an end.

So why not come to Hell? Cultivate new options, see whether there were other ploys that would last longer. Thor will be on his heels eventually, chasing Loki down with everything he has but until then?

Loki will play for keeps. Dead or not, he'll crawl right back out.

The Pitch:

Loki is the lovechild of Tumblr. He's exactly the kind of person we would punch if we ever met them in person but far away, unreachable, on screen? He's great. He's the television network CW in action. The man practically ooze charisma and sarcasm, witticisms never too far away. Nothing is too outrageous to spout, if it meant flustering or settling under someone's skin like the worst kind of rash. And Loki delights in that. Every uncomfortable tic, every clenched fist as people try to pick the high road.

Loki is on the path that rocks.

Or . . . so he thinks. That is Loki's major flaw; he's deluded. The world is against me, he thinks as he faces Thor. They're all against me, as he talks to the Warriors Three. As far as Loki is concerned, there are no friends, no allies. Just inevitable betrayals waiting to happen from the sidelines. He can't trust anyone, he can't rely on anything. So he continues the path of assured destruction. Learning from his mistakes? That's too much. As far as he is concerned, the only mistake that was ever made was his ultimate rejection from his family. His half-breed status, paraded and chosen to be a bridge between two warring species.

His worth was torn asunder and remains underground ever since. Every kind of feeling, every sentiment is analyzed and dismissed because Loki is a God who is above those feelings (no, he is a monster who is beneath it all and that will never change). He longs for a clean ending, seeks his own destruction and yet he rejects any kind of logic that could benefit him in the long run. Every time Thor reaches out to him, Loki pushes him away because deep down, he doesn't need to be in Hell to be damned, he is damned and bitter and fully reveling in that. No more takebacks for Loki. Every terrible mark, every sin is a song he'll delight in.

What does that make Loki now? He’s still the silver-tongued trickster. He can be charming and ruthless at the drop of a hat. He still has his prejudices, disdainful of humanity and holding his own identity of self-loathing close to his heart. But Loki has also achieved the impossible. He grabbed his power, he subverted the expectations of his father and he tricked them all. With that knowledge closely tucked within him, Loki knows the world is his oyster. And he’s more unpredictable than before.

Setting Fit:

Loki is a contradiction. On one hand, the idea of finally having all his ties cut to Asgard, to his realm, to everything he once knew is liberating. No one has to know who he is - what he is. Even the stigma of being Loki wouldn't feel as suffocating as it usually would be, which usually prompts him to act out and enact the worst expectations lingering in a person's mind.

For once, he might just tame his wild impulses, his need to rail against everyone and everything. And while Hell is no Asgard, it's still malleable to his purposes. Loki enjoys the game, playing people off each other and skirting close to the edge. Perhaps he'll repeat the same mistakes but it might be a while until someone catches him in the act. And Loki might actually play it dangerously safe as the calculating strategist, always looking for a piece of the pie.

After all, dead or not, he was immortal once. Unlike Thor, Loki knows patience. So he'll dabble. Maybe start up a tiny business because business have ears and Loki doesn't want to reveal his full hand unless it's absolutely necessary. Or he might even deign himself to be employed by someone else, filling their heads with sweet nothings as he creeps closer to his goal.

For Loki, the game is everything and the game is on.


Loki doesn't take kindly to heat. Tugging at his high collar, he eyes his surroundings with a baleful judgmental eye. Taste it seems is the first thing to go in the Underworld, among others. Was it truly necessary to cast off everything and sink into baseless desire? Apparently so. Loki wasn't sure what he expected from the denizens of the underworld, plenty of which have mortal beginnings. One can't remove the stink of their heritage, their beginnings.

He can't stand the heat, but he'll bear it without a sign of discomfort. No one will know. Leaning back on the opulent chair at The Drag, Loki smirks at the player across from him who seems to be struggling to keep his composure. The constant touch to his hair, the flickering of his eyes, darting towards the door. He has had nothing but losing hands so far but Loki's laid enough barbs on the ground that the crowd is watching to see what falls first; his pride or his money.

Finally, the demon pushes all his dracos forward and Loki grins, his teeth peeking out.

"Truly you are a brave soul," he drawls lowly, watching the creature flinch imperceptibly, "But I'm afraid you'll have to bet higher to match my own."

With a gulp, the demon takes out his employee's ID. Loki doesn't zero in on it but it is within his sights. Infernal Affairs. Instead, Loki lets his expression shifts into something serious, even chagrined to give the demon the illusion of putting Loki on the ropes. Make him seem weak.

The demon reveals his hand. Three of a kind. Loki pouts, almost childish in nature before his eyes twinkle mischievously and he reveals his royal flush. The crowd murmurs in delight as Loki sweeps away the cards with a theatrical bow and leaves. The demon throws his cards away in a fit of anger, stomping off.

A few minutes away, Loki looks back at his cards and lets the illusion drop to a two pair. There's a satisfied curl on his lips as he looks down at his winnings.

He feels cooler already.
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Name Loki ([personal profile] thatboyisamonster, Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Rank Knight
SILVER hella lot

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES He looks like this. He doesn't wear any special armor, just casual black slacks and white shirt.
β˜† On his knees
β˜† Blowjobs
β˜† Letting people play/comb his hair
β˜† Hair-pulling
β˜† Being nice to mortals
β˜† Telling the truth
β˜† Accepting kindness from others
β˜† Walling
β˜† Being thanked
β˜† Bondage
β˜† Submission
β˜† Asphyxiation
β˜… Gags/Muzzles
β˜… Roleplay
β˜… Word-play / debating / compliments

Not actually Asgardian! Extreme cold inflicted on Loki reveals that he is a jotunn.By the end of Thor 2, he is less volatile and cray-cray but still extremely dangerous. Primarily uses magic and illusions.

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I still think calling them the Nameless Lands is redundant.
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I'll be in Taiwan from the 22nd to the 29th of July! Therefore, hiatus for Loki and Charles. They'll both be working for the High Priestess


Apr. 23rd, 2013 05:22 pm
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So. You've come.
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Age: 1,000 and something
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 83 kg
Eyes: Green (though they sometimes look blue idk)
Hair: Black
Appearance: Tall, imposing guy who walks like he's royalty.

Character Name: Loki
Unit: Byzantium
Description of powers: Magic! Mostly illusions and super powered blasts. He can also make forcefields, sensing magic.
Strength/Extent of powers: Being a God, he's extremely powerful.
Innate: His powers of illusions.
Memory related: All the other stuff.
Relation to memory: All the other stuff will be unlocked via memories.
Effect of the powercap: His powers have a reduced time period for lasting.
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- "Never doubt that I love you" / Deleted scene with Thor before coronation
- "And know you were defeated by Loki Odinson" / Killing Laufey
- "Make your father proud" / Deleted scene of Loki's coronation
- "Only one of you can be king, but both of you were born to be kings" / Childhood memory

- "An ant has no quarrel with a boot" / Meeting Fury and taking the Tessaract
- "Your ledger is dripping" / Talking to Natasha
- Watching the Avengers fight each other after Thor rescues him
- "And an eyeball" / Loki in Sttutgart
- Fight with Heimdall

- "I mean to rule this world, not burrow in it" / Discussing the Avengers with Barton (Deleted Scene)
- "Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity" / Talking to Tony
- "It burns you to have come so close" / Baiting Fury

- "Go home little princess" / Fighting with the Frost Giants
- "You can restore your planet to its former... glory" / Loki making plans with Laufey
- "Father is dead" / Lying to Thor
- "I am truly sorry " / Using the Destroyer to defeat Thor
- "You can bring your urgent matters to me. Your King" / Denying Thor's friends their request
- "You have heart" Using Hawkeye / Taking the Tessaract

- "This is madness" / Going to Jotunheim
- "I'd like that drink now" / Defeat
- "There are no men like me" / Attempted murder!!
- "Shall we test that?" / Dropping Thor
- "I love Thor more dearly than any of you" / Fight with Thor's friends
- "Welcome to Asgard" / Bringing the Frost Giants into Asgard

- "But you're not king! Not yet" / Odin and Thor arguing in the Vault while Loki watches
- Trying to lift Mjolnir
- "You are sworn to obey me now" / Telling Heimdall to block the passage

- "So I am the monster parents tell their children about at night?" / Casket of Ancient Winters memory.
- "I could have done it, Father! For you! For all of you!" / Falling
- Thor's banishment
- "I am a king!" / Seeing Thor again in Avengers
- "Sentiment" / Battle with Thor on Stark Tower

- "I never wanted the throne! I only wanted to be your equal" / Fight scene with Thor
- "I am a God, you puny creature!" / Fight scene with Hulk
- "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim" / Meeting Thor once again
- "Your ambition means little" / Meeting the Chitauri
- In chains

- "You lack conviction" / Shot by Coulson
- "Silver tongue gone to lead?" / Talking to Heimdall
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"Loki is shocked by this. He's never considered killing Thor. All he's ever wanted was Thor's humiliation. But Hela had a point. Loki was the Trickster God; now that he's played his ultimate trick, he must become something else - a Lord of Asgard, he must change. Alter. And that transformation must begin with Thor's execution"

"If he can bring himself to do it"

"He recalls his boyhood, when he was brought into the Asgardian royal family - As Loki sees it, to function as a counterpoint to Thor's perfection. He's convinced that all Odin ever wanted from him was that he make Thor look good in comparison."

"Even so, Loki felt no rancor at this point in his life - his stepbrother WAS perfect: beautiful, powerful, golden. He adored him. And if Thor repaid that adoration with little slights and humiliations, it was a price Loki was only too hapy to pay for his company."

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So Loki hit 10k like ... ages ago. Therefore, let's have a question meme.

It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION. It can be anything - OOC, IC, relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. my character's opinion of your character, or maybe some specific behaviour you've been wondering about, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, etc. Also I can pimp my canon at you like nobody's business.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

Can also apply to Sun-Woo
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